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The Only Way to Guarantee Dating Success

Do you want to know the REAL secret to success with women?

A method so powerful even a guy who has never spoken to a woman before could use to dramatically increase the number of dates he goes on?

It’s not what you think.

Every week I ask my date coaching clients a simple question:

How many times have you been rejected this week?

If the number is going up I know they are closer to achieving their dating goals. And if it’s zero, I know they will never achieve anything.

You must be rejected to be successful.

There’s no getting around it. The more you get rejected, the more successful you’ll become.

You ask 20 women out in a week, and one says yes. Congratulations, you got rejected 19 times.

You also got a date.

Want two dates a week? Then go get rejected 38 times a week.

Simple really.

Dating is a numbers game

There is no man in the world who can build a relationship with any woman he wants. Despite how good-looking, rich, powerful, humble, kind or generous he is.

Aiming for success 100% of the time is the fastest way to knock your confidence and dampen your spirits. You will never achieve it.

Instead, keep getting rejected.

Naturally you should aim to improve your success rate over time. A guy who achieves one date for every 19 rejections should aim to reduce that figure to 15.

He’d have made progress. But he’s still going to get rejected 14 times.

Learn to love being rejected

Learn to love the sting of failure, knowing it only brings you closer to being accepted. Develop a bullet-proof mindset to cope when things aren’t going your way.

  • Want more dates? Go get rejected.
  • Want more sex? Go get rejected.
  • Want a girlfriend? Go get rejected.
  • Want to date multiple women? Go get rejected.
  • Want more friends? Go get rejected.
  • Want more money? Go get rejected.

Seriously. Go do it.

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