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Man dominating woman

What You Must Understand About Being Dominant

There’s a common misunderstanding from people who are learning to become dominant in the bedroom (I’m going to assume you’re a guy, as this website is geared towards them).

It’s that you are in complete control.

You’re not.

If you are learning to be more dominant simply to control women without any regard for their mental and physical health, you need to reevaluate.

The dom/sub relationship is an extreme form of roleplay. You are both acting your parts, and BOTH in control.

You are playing the role of being in control, and she is WILLINGLY submitting to you. She is CHOOSING to play that role. And if she is choosing how to act, she ultimately has as much control as you do.

Yes, you command her. Yes you tie her up. Yes you spank her if she doesn’t do what you ask of her. BUT, you are both in control.

It’s a paradox granted. (more…)

Sexy woman in underwear

When is a Women Ready for Sex?

A reader recently wrote to me with a question:

Thanks for your content man. I have been following your blog for a while and find it extremely helpful. You said you tended to have sex with girls on second dates. Yet there are a few cases you had sex with girls on first dates also. I’m wondering if you can tell me about what signs should I look for in a girl to know that she’s ready to be pulled on the first date? Or writing a blog post on this topic for other readers will be even better. Thanks a lot man. I’m looking forward to hearing from you. Here’s what I replied.

Thanks for the question!

I guess the first thing to say is I don’t go on a first date expecting sex. I prefer to get into casual dating where I see the girl once a week or so and have sex, rather than a one night stand.

But, if I feel I have a connection with her on the first date, I’m fine with having sex.

As for signs to look for, it is a mixture of reading her body language, what the conversation is like, and how you framed your online messaging conversations with her before you meet.

Prior to meeting I am typically flirty over chat, and use innuendo. This helps me gauge how into me she is, how open she is to fast sex, and indicates to her I’m more on the lover than provider/boyfriend material side of the scale. (more…)

Couple having causal sex

Do Women Really Want Casual Sex?

Evan Marc Katz, a respected American women’s dating coach, recently posted an article entitled The End of Friends with Benefits.

The main thread of the piece is that women enter into casual sex relationships with men, even though they aren’t entirely comfortable with it, and ultimately seek a more fulfilling relationship.

It’s an interesting read, and his message to women is clear. If you are not happy with casual sex, stop sleeping with men who aren’t your boyfriend. (more…)

Young Couple Embracing

21 Questions to Ask a Sex Partner

I don’t read Glamour, a women’s fashion magazine.

But I was sent a link to an article written by them entitled ‘21 questions you should ask a sex partner‘. I was sceptical, as many of these sex articles in magazines are a regurgitation of mainstream advice.

Opening the link, I was pleasantly surprised.

Let me backtrack.

I love sex. And I enjoy having it early on in the dating process, because sexual compatibility is important to me. (more…)

Dominant sex

How to Dominate in the Bedroom: A Beginnner’s Guide with Pictures (NSFW)

Want to build your sexual confidence? Want to blow her mind and give her earth shattering orgasms? Want to make sure she remembers you for years?

You’ve come to the right place.

I’m going to share some of my secrets to dominating her mentally and physically in the bedroom that will have her proclaiming you as the best lover she’s ever had.

This article is about taking your sexual performance to the next level. If you project a confident, suave and experienced man to women on dates, you need to deliver in the bedroom. The tips in this post will help you do that.

This is not basic sex advice.

Don’t expect to use these tips if you’re a virgin. This is aimed at the guys who get laid but want to up their game. (more…)

first date sex

How to Act Post First Sex

You’re lying in bed panting, having just had hard, passionate, orgasmic sex for the first time with a new, beautiful women. She’s next to you, on her back, catching her breath, eyes closed in bliss.

You look over at her naked body and know you want to see her again another night. It’s time to engage in your best post-coitus etiquette to ensure the highest probabilities of it happening.

Treating her respectfully post-sex (even if you called her the dirtiest names and did the most disgusting things to her during the act) is essential to ensuring she will return for more skin-on-skin action.