15 Minute Pre-Date Primer: Confidence Hypnosis Track For Men

Want to eliminate nerves and supercharge your confidence on dates in just 15 minutes?

Become a man who exudes confidence and charisma when dating...

who women love getting to know and are excited to be around...

and sit by their phones waiting for you to ask them out again.

Beautiful blonde womanHave you ever felt nervous going on dates? Or can’t be yourself around beautiful women?

I’ve created a hypnosis track designed to be listened to RIGHT before you head out the door to meet your date.

It’s called The Pre Date Primer.

Developed by The Date Technician in conjunction with a master clinical hypnotherapist it delivers a powerful punch in JUST 15 MINUTES.

The track will relax, supercharge your confidence, and make you feel excited and ready to show up to your date as an attractive, engaging guy she will be dying to see again.

The track has been recorded to the highest quality in a professional recording studio for maximum impact.

Benefits of The Pre Date Primer Hypnosis Track

Appearing relaxed and confident are two key factors which determine how successful you are at dating. A man who can master his emotions and give off a positive, self-assured vibe is infinitely more attractive to a women than a man who is clearly nervous around her.

When you are nervous, it turns her off. When you are confident, it turns her on. EVERYTHING will become smoother and easier for you when you are able to greet her with a smile that radiates charm and confidence.

  • Turn up to any date relaxed and confident
  • Allow your authentic self to shine through, which naturally attracts women.
  • Eliminate fear and nervousness that you feel on dates and that turns women off.
  • Feel more confident from the first listening.
  • Written and recorded by a master clinical hypnotherapist with years of experience treating hundreds of clients.

Hypnosis is a fast, safe and effective way to alter your mental processes. Simply listen to this 15 minute confidence hypnosis track in a quiet location, right before you leave for your date. You don’t have to do anything expect lie back, relax, and listen to the track. The more you listen, the more effective it becomes.

How is this different to all the other confidence hypnosis tracks out there?

It’s different because it is the only track designed to be listened to RIGHT before you meet your date.

Most other hypnosis confidence tracks have to be listened too in the morning or when you fall asleep, and are long.

This is just 15 minutes of powerful hypnosis with a script specifically written to deal with a dating situation, such as a first or second date, when it’s crucial to appear confident in order to make her attracted to you.

Will it work for me?

confident couple in sea


I strongly believe in the power of hypnosis to cause positive change in people.

When I was learning to be better with women, and developing my self-confidence I spent a great deal of time listening to many different hypnosis tracks. And I really believe they made a material impact on the speed of my learning.

That’s why I decided to develop my own track to help men who feel supremely confident when dating or interacting with woman.

I believe in the power of hypnosis so emphatically that I will refund your money completely if you don’t notice yourself becoming more confident after listening to the track. Simply try it out for 30 days and if you aren’t happy email me and I’ll refund you, no questions asked.

I want you to succeed, and I know this hypnosis track is worth far more than the price I’m asking for it. You’ve got nothing to lose and everything to gain.

Take control of your dating life today.