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Women behind the curtain

Living Life Behind the Curtain

A woman recently told me she was withdrawing the ‘benefits’ from our friends with benefits arrangement because things were going well with a guy she’d met and wanted to settle down. She’d let me know if things didn’t work out between them.

“That’s absolutely fine”, I told her. “I hope it works for you”. We’d been happily sleeping together for a few weeks, despite her knowing I was seeing other women.

A week later, it’s mid-morning and I’m on WhatsApp chatting with another woman making final preparations for a threesome. I’ve only known her three weeks and slept with her twice, yet she’s willing and eager, just as I am. She too has recently found someone who she might make her boyfriend, but still wants one last sex-fest with me and another girl before she commits to him.

A third woman I’ve known under a month gleefully agrees to work through a spreadsheet I created detailing 150 sexual activities, indicating how interested she would be in doing each of them together. We both get turned on as I watch her fill it in.

This is what you can expect when you live behind the curtain.

How my life used to be

Women never used to act this way around me, or me around them. I was taught to be seen and not heard. I blended in to the background and didn’t want to stand out or make a scene. I lacked confidence. I was a follower.

Sex was something us evil men wanted, and the only way to get it was to be exceptionally kind to women, meeting their every need, taking them out for dinners, talking to them politely about their day, and definitely never mentioning how much we want to bend them over the nearest suitable object. Somehow by doing these things they would eventually relent and allow us to have our wicked way.

I sat patiently and listened to their drama, the emotional outpourings, the random crying that would materialise out of nowhere simply because they needed a good cry, comforting them after someone said something mean at work, watching endless romantic comedies, going to events I didn’t want to go to, and listening with envy as they recounted how annoyed they were with themselves for having a one night stand with some asshole.

I would take a girl out on five dates with only a kiss to show for it. I’d be cancelled on, re-arranged, not responded to, and ignored.

I treated them like princesses. My desires and needs came second to theirs.

It didn’t work.

The most I ever got was a glimmer of hope when one of my female friends would touch my arm and tell me what a nice guy I was. I had no idea where I was going wrong.

If only I understood the true nature of women back then. If only I knew about the curtain.

What is the curtain?

The curtain exists to hide the authentic, beautiful, powerful sexuality women possess and LONG to show to the right man, but are unable to do so for fear of being judged by society and narrow minded, bitter and unkind people.

It exists to help her deal with her inner conflicts. Those of being brought up to be a sweet, innocent, good girl by her parents, being taught that sex with multiple men is wrong or at least discouraged, all the while harbouring natural curiosity and fantasies.

It’s a mask she is forced to wear to hide her own guilt of wanting hard, kinky, orgasmic, explosive sex. It’s to prevent her being ‘slut shamed’, the horrible practise of calling out a women for allowing herself to be sexual in any way she chooses, and labelling it as wrong in some way.

Is it any wonder women swoon over hollywood hunks, suave James Bond characters, or become absorbed in 50 Shades of Grey? Those male characters tap into her deepest desires, and because they are fictional and happening in her head, she can allow herself to get lost in their world without fear of recrimination.

Women WANT a strong powerful man to come along and let her live behind the curtain in real-life, not just in her head.

How she acts on either side of the curtain

In front of the curtain she’s graceful, independent, hard working, playful, social, innocent, respectful, prim, proper, gentle and compassionate. She loves talking to her friends, socialising, dancing, reading, building their career, and being a good citizen.

On this side of the curtain she’s in ‘Good Girl’ mode. She:

  • makes you wait to have sex with her
  • wants to be wined and dined
  • makes you listen to and put up with her drama
  • gets annoyed with you for looking at another girl
  • ensures you are not having sex with anyone else but her
  • keeps sex to the basics
  • keeps her fantasies to herself

Behind the curtain she is sexy, feisty, liberated, horny. She love’s being roughly taken from behind and her hair pulled. She fantasises about being thrown around in the bedroom by a strong man who truly desires her and isn’t afraid to show it. She loves being told how you are going to use her body as your personal play thing.

Behind the curtain she’s in ‘Bad Girl’ mode. She:

  • sleeps with you on a first or second date
  • enjoys no-holds barred sex, including anal, threesomes, role-play and every position under the sun
  • doesn’t make you meet her friends (in fact, she may not even tell her friends about you)
  • doesn’t expect to be bought expensive gifts or taken out
  • doesn’t give you any drama
  • knows you are having sex with other women and doesn’t try and stop you

Life behind the curtain

She needs someone who understands this. Who can embrace her lustful, horny, sexual self, and encourage it, letting her act out in a safe and honest environment with no fear. Letting her experience life behind the curtain. Often she doesn’t even know that side of her exists, having repressed it for years.

Then she discovers a True Alpha.

Couple hugging

He knows how to nurture her. He knows how to treat her respectfully in public, but ravish her in private. He knows how to avoid being pegged as a boyfriend, because she couldn’t possibly admit to someone who she is considering marrying her deepest, darkest fantasies for fear of scaring him off.

Discovering the True Alpha brings her relief. She’s finally found someone worth revealing both her Good Girl and Bad Girl side to. It’s liberating and exhilarating. It’s a drug she can’t get enough of. And so she returns to him week after week, not expecting anything more from him than animalistic sex, and being entirely content with that arrangement.

As a man, living behind the curtain means girls chasing you. It means them messaging you to come over to your house. It means them booty calling you at 2am after a night of partying. It means them allowing you to dominate them in the bedroom. You tell them to get on your knees and suck you and they do so readily. They beg you to tell them how you are going to use their body for the next two hours. They readily suggest a quickie bent over the kitchen counter before dinner.

They will happily share their deepest fantasies with you, and have hours of sex with you, and then tell you about an amazing first date they had earlier in the week with a guy who was ‘really nice’ and could be ‘the one’ for them.

Behind the curtain you experience the beautifully sexual creatures women are, something the guy who gets into a monogamous relationship with them may never discover or even be aware of.

How to live behind the curtain

In order to live behind the curtain you need to become a True Alpha. Someone who is confident, has his shit together, is outcome independent, ignores societal pressures, is kind and caring yet assertive. Who knows himself deeply and is at peace with who he is, and what he wants in life. Someone who has dealt with and overcome the nice guy mentality.

women chasing manThe True Alpha is uniquely attractive to women. They sense his subtle power immediately. A True Alpha does not need to shout, be loud, or dominate a group to be heard, as an Alpha would. He can be still, calm, relaxed yet still command massive amounts of respect with a mere glance. He’s assertive and doesn’t accept drama.

A True Alpha doesn’t jump into a monogamous relationship from a place of fear. He takes time to get to know several girls, dating each of them to discover their unique qualities and if they fit into HIS life, not if he fits into theirs.

The women he’s dating begins to realise he’s not like other guys they’ve been with before. He’s better in bed. He doesn’t text them every day asking how they are. Sometimes he doesn’t even respond to their messages. He’s too busy with other women or his mission in life.

The guy she’s dating who is buying her dinner and acting needy gets strung along as her desire for the True Alpha grows.

She’s not stupid. She knows how attractive the True Alpha is to all women, not just her. She knows he has choices and is sleeping with other women. And she’s ok with that. She understands he’s in demand and may never be exclusive with her. He isn’t boyfriend material, but he’s hot as hell.

Under those conditions, they aren’t scared of losing a potential husband, and they reveal their true kinky, freaky, beautifully, erotic nature to you.

You’re now behind the curtain.

You’ll be having so much sex it’ll become a chore. You’ll have to turn women away because your week is already full and you can’t take any more. And when you are free and want some company, whether that be for sex or because you want someone to accompany you to an event or show, there will always be someone available who will jump at the chance to spend the evening with you. They’ll be chasing you, whilst the other guys chase them.

Want amazing success with women? You need to step through the curtain, my friend. It’s great back here.

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