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When You Just Can’t Be Bothered

I almost didn’t do three things I was supposed to today.

It was 4pm and I was still sitting on the sofa wasting time watching pointless YouTube clips.

I hadn’t done anything to progress my business or my life.

A few months ago I set myself the goal of publishing three articles a week. Monday, Wednesday, Friday, like clockwork. I stuck to this goal until last week, when I missed three deadlines in a row.

Today I had hoped to claw back one missed day, but hadn’t got around to it.

I also was lamenting having to get dressed to go workout at the gym. The dreaded cardio did not want to be done.

And finally, I’d cancelled my evening plans due to a combination of a last minute drop-out and laziness on my part.

When is it all too much?

There are times during the dating process when you will feel as though you are pushing boulders up hill.

You’ve been stood up. You’ve had one bad date after another. You’ve emailed countless women and had no response. Nothing seems to be working for you.

At what point do you just say ‘Fuck it’ and give up?


No matter what your current mindset is, you have the power to change it.

There is always a way to claw yourself out of the procrastination, hurt, anger, dejection or sadness you are experiencing.

The turnaround

It’s now 17.15.

I’m dressed, showered and sitting at my desk typing this article.

I’ve spent the past twenty minutes jumping up and down, dropping to the floor, and getting back up again, all in the hope of burning some fat, following an excellent HIIT video on YouTube.

And I’ve texted my friends to un-cancel tonight’s plans.

This didn’t happen because I was suddenly overcome with a wave of energy that shook me from my lethargy and propelled me off the sofa.

Far from it.

I still feel tired. I still wish I was lying on the sofa. I still ache from yesterday’s gym session. And I’m still struggling to find a coherent way to put my thoughts down in print (OK, pixels).

But I’m doing it anyway.

And that’s the key to success.

Anyone can go to the gym when they are in top spirits. Anyone can write when they are in the mood to write. Anyone can have an amazing first date when the odds are stacked in their favour and the person they are with is enthralled by you based on looks alone.

But those who succeed take action regardless of how they are feeling.

Today I needed reminding of that.

How do you do it?

What was it that made me get off the sofa?

I just did it.

I took the minor step of walking to my bedroom to put on my gym gear.

And because I was in my gym gear it made sense to work out.

And whilst working out I had the idea for this article.

And now I’m in a much happier mood than when I started because I’ve accomplished something.

My workout wasn’t perfect. This article is far, far from being perfect.

But done is better than perfect. And I got it done.

So regardless of how many shit dates you’ve been on this week, or how many months you’ve spent looking for a partner, or how many times you’ve been rejected, move on.

It’s history.

Perform one small action that takes your forward. Small actions lead to bigger actions. And big actions lead to results.

Get snowballing.

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