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Yin yang

I Care, But I Don’t Care

I care about the women I date.

I want us to enjoy our time together laughing, playing, discussing.

I want to learn something about and from them, just as I hope they learn something about and from me.

I want to enrich their lives by being in it, not suck the life out of it.

I want to know and love someone deeply.

At the same time, I don’t care.

I don’t care if they dislike me.

I don’t care if they disagree or argue with me.

I don’t sit at home crying when they don’t text me back after a first date.

My world does not collapse if they ‘just aren’t that in to me’.

My sense of worth does not diminish when rejected, and I try not to let my ego inflate when accepted.

My pursuit of being the best I can be and following my own moral compass and guiding principles does not alter depending on the action of others.

My life may or may not involve them, and I trust my instinct to let me know when is the right time to hold on and when to let go.

I care, but I don’t care.

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