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How to Hold Conversation Like a Man by Nick Sparks

I can’t emphasis enough how being good at conversation is essential when dating and attracting women.

Too many guys are still out there still try to hard to impress, or brag, rather than making the conversation a two way dialogue.

The video below is of Nick Sparks, a dating coach who I admittedly had not heard about until today. But watching his video it’s clear he knows his stuff. He comes across as sincere and authentic, both qualities I look for in anyone I take advice from.

In it, he lectures for an hour about what it takes to become a great conversationalist. And you know what, it’s easier than it looks. Once you get over having to constantly inject your ego into the mix and realise the key to attracting a woman is being interested in her and her life, things get a whole lot easier.

Nick’s views on good conversation mirror my own, including practising active listening, being present, becoming more unfiltered and letting her do most of the talking.

If you ever wanted some actionable advice on how to speak to women, this is a great video to watch. Put these dating tips into practise and I guarantee you instant improvements in your social and dating life.

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