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Flirting in conversation

Flirty Conversation: Techniques for Flirting in Everyday Chats

Suck at flirting? Don’t know how to show someone you are interested in them romantically or sexually?

This series is for you, and will work whether you are a man or woman.

The Flirty Conversation Series is designed to give you guidelines and techniques to improve your flirting skills during a conversational.

Put these flirting techniques into practise and I promise you’ll never be told ‘I just didn’t feel a spark‘ after a date again.

1. Conversational flirting overview

The following guidelines will help take your flirting skills from zero to hero in no time. Take the time to understand the general principles first, and then dive into specific techniques.

2. Flirty body language

Use of your body, tonality and facial expressions is a huge part of flirting, arguably more important than the words coming out of your mouth.

A simple glance, a light touch, a cheeky smile can all set our hearts racing when done correctly, and cause us to become more attracted to the person we are speaking to.

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1. The Complete Guide to Flirting with Eye Contact

The eyes are the window to the soul. They are also a powerful seduction weapon when used correctly. You must practise flirty eye contact when speaking with someone you want to attract. Understand why using your eyes to attract someone is one of the most techniques you can master.

tongue poke flirting

2. The Tongue Poke

The Tongue Poke is a tongue-in-cheek (well, technically a tongue-out-of-cheek) facial gesture which can be used to flirt. Learn three situations in which you can use the tongue poke to generate attraction.

3. Flirting with playful teasing

Gentle teasing is an incredibly effective flirting technique. Teasing is often solely reserved for people we know well, like friends and family, because we know they are able to take a joke.

By teasing someone you’ve just met, you are sub communicating to them feelings of closeness and friendship. “I’m comfortable enough around you and like you enough to treat you like I would treat a friend”.

Teasing also demonstrates a good sense of humour, a friendly, relaxed nature, and someone who doesn’t take themselves too seriously. All of these are attractive qualities to most people.

Many of the techniques are a form of friendly teasing (otherwise known as banter).

flirty conversation series

1. The Sexy Thought Bubble

Pretending you have become distracted from the conversation by a sexy mental image involving them that has spontaneously popped into your head, caused by something they said.

woman holding binoculars

2. The Perv Callout

Calling someone out for doing something that may be considered a little inappropriate.

trophy cup

3. The Competition

Exploring an imaginary scenario in which you compete with your date for victory.

couple with camera

4. The Secret Love

Exaggerating a mundane activity someone had to do and pretending they are obsessed by it and love doing it.

woman pointing flirting

5. No You Are!

Immediately returning a positive or negative statement made by someone in a childish way.

amazed woman flirting

6. Playing Dumb

Acting stupid in a sarcastic way when your date explains something obvious.

couple exercising together

7. Coupled Up Projection

Coming up with a wild scenario featuring the two of you in an outlandish situation in the future, where you are together and conquering the world.

dating multiple women

8. I didn’t want to say anything…

Pretending you were thinking something all along about a personal subject the other person has just called attention to. Coming soon.

9. The Terrible Human

Accusing someone of being the worst person in the world for something extremely minor. Coming soon.

getting ready for first date

10. My Mum Warned Me…

Telling someone they are the type of person your mum warned you about when you were younger. Coming soon.