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OKCupid Message Word Cloud

Analysing Eleven Months Worth of OKCupid Messages

I’m fascinated by how men and women interact with each other over online dating chat.

I love hearing anecdotes from guys and girls about what supposedly works and what doesn’t. I’ve even written an article or two (how not do text, how to move from online to offline) with examples of how I typically work it.

Being a data driven kinda guy, I got very excited when I stumbled across a Reddit Thread where a woman described using a Python script to download all her OKCupid conversations, Word Cloud them, and analyse commonly used phrases.

I decided to do the same for my own OKCupid account. (more…)

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Get the Dating Basics Sorted First

Are you getting sucked into the details and missing the big picture when dating?

I ask this because I see men who are so desperate to find a women who will date them (and/or sleep with them) it blinds them to the obvious, and they start focusing on the wrong things.

This urge is entirely understandable. If you’ve had no success in your dating history, you are naturally going to gravitate towards quick fixes. (more…)

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How to Tell if a Woman Likes You

You’ve got the hots for someone in your friendship group, or someone at work, and have no idea if they like you back.

What to do…

First up, you must get into a conversation with her. Yes, you will sometimes notice approach invitation signals from her, but typically men suck at picking up on them.

If you haven’t already spoken to her, go and have a chat. Only then will you have some real feedback to determine if she likes you or not.

In this article I’ll look at a few things you should pay attention for in order to tell if a woman likes you. (more…)

One Simple Body Language Secret for Social Success

There’s one thing I see people do wrong continually at social and networking events and if they were to just change this one thing, it would have a massive impact on how successful they were in that environment. I’m going to share that with you right now.

What is this thing?

Well, it’s probably one of the simplest body language changes you can make whenever you go into a networking or social environment.

Before I tell you what the technique is, I’m going to tell you why I think it is people don’t do it. I think the reason is that people are so self-conscious and they’re so concerned about what other people think of them when they are in that environment, and those thoughts manifest themselves into this thing and stop them doing this thing, which will make a massive difference. (more…)

How to Structure Flirting in a Conversation (Heartbeat Method)

Below is a transcript of the video.

In this video I’d love to share with you my technique for structuring a conversation when you meet someone that you want to flirt with.

Firstly, I’m going to show you 2 ways in which people go wrong when they’re trying to flirt in a conversation. Here is my amazingly hand-drawn diagram. As you see, it’s perfect!

We’ve got 2 areas. The first at the top is when you are flirting with someone and at the bottom is when you are talking normally to them in a normal, casual conversation. The kind of way you talk to your mum and your dad, your friends, your family, someone you’ve just met. (more…)

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Breaking the Touch Barrier on a Date: A Picture Guide

Many guys never touch a woman during a date. This is a MASSIVE mistake.

You must learn to become comfortable touching people when talking to them. This includes colleagues and friends, but especially woman you are romantically attracted to.

It’s the easiest way to show confidence and indicate you are interested in her sexually, and position yourself as a Lover rather than a Friend.

Don’t wait until the second or third date to touch her. Do it within 10 minutes of the first date starting.

Don’t build it up in your head. It is super easy to do.

Below are some ways to do it, along with pictures to help you understand what is going on. (more…)