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Why Hesitating With Women Will Cost You

I’ve made so many mistakes with women I was attracted to in the past due to hesitation at key moments during an interaction.

On several occasions I’m convinced I would have ended up having sex that very day with them if I hadn’t screwed things up royally due to nice guy mentality and fear.

You might find yourself hesitating when you:

  • see a girl you like and want to go and talk to her
  • you haven’t chosen a first date venue and can’t decide where to go
  • when you’ve been chatting to a friend of a friend at a party and want to go in for the kiss
  • want to ask a women you’ve been chatting to online on a date
  • when you think she’s in to you but you can’t be certain
  • when she’s definitely in to you but you don’t know what to do about it


non-monogamous dating

Dealing with Nice Guy Mental Conflicts When Dating Multiple Women

I started dating in my mid twenties, having struggled to get anyone to go on a date with me for the previous 8 years. I didn’t know how to make women attracted to me when I was in a bar or club, so was ecstatic when online dating websites appeared in the mid 2000s.

But back then I was so wrapped up with my own mental conflicts about relationships and women that I ended up ruining my chances of success often. And even when I did get a girlfriend, something didn’t feel quite right.