1-on-1 Dating Coach for Men

If you struggle to get dates, or flounder when you are on them, it can get incredibly frustrating.

But what if I told you within a few short months you could be going on dates with a different women every night of the week, and have them begging to meet up with you again?

And not only that, but you can cultivate the kinds of relationship you want with those women, whether that be a traditional monogamous one that leads to marriage, or a non-monogamous one where you get to experience multiple female energies.

This seems like the stuff of fantasy, and I wouldn’t have believed it possible either, until it started happening to me.

I can teach you my methods and strategies for increasing the number of first dates you go on, how to have more sex, and how to get into the types of relationships you want with as many beautiful women as you want.

Although I live in London I can use Skype to teach you regardless of where you are in the world.

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A dating coach can help you:

  • Increase the number of first dates you go on from online dating
  • Increase your confidence when interacting with women
  • Stop ending up in the dreaded ‘Friend Zone’
  • Establish whatever relationship is right for you (girlfriend, friend with benefits, casual non-exclusive partners, multiple girlfriends, etc.)

dating coaching

What I do as a dating coach

personal dating coachMy aim is to get results. I’ve been on pickup bootcamps and they are a good start. But they only teach you how to approach women and get a number. They don’t teach you what to do from that point on. It’s a completely DIFFERENT skill set.

Most so called pickup artists don’t get laid all that often. Sure they can do 20 approaches in a night and get five numbers, but they don’t always go anywhere. They love the thrill of the hunt and the approach, seeing the women as a target within their approaching game. Many just want to sleep with the women and never see her again.

As a dating coach I think differently.

I am genuinely interested in people and finding out about them. I care for every women I date, and want to see them again 95% of the time.

This is a completely different mindset to that of a player or pickup artist.

They might get a women into bed but as soon as they’ve had sex they are on to the next woman. In fact, I believe some of them enjoy the hunt more than the sex. There’s nothing wrong with that, it just isn’t how I operate.

I coach men on how to become the kind of man she will be naturally attracted to, and will want to have in her life for YEARS, not just one night. If you love feminine energy and want to be surrounded by it on a regular basis, which includes going on fun dates as well as having hot, passionate sex, you and I are going to get along great.

My methods are not limited to meeting women. They can also be applied to making you a more Alpha, dominant and confident man who is comfortable in all social settings.

How I work

My method of training involves multiple phases.

  • Free consultation. Dating coaching starts with an initial 20 minute conversation over Skype where you explain what help you need, and provide some background about yourself.
  • 1 on 1 coaching. We then meet once a week for 1-2 hours per session, either face to face or over Skype, to discuss ways you can improve your skills with women. You’ll learn my dating model and philosophies, and how to apply them to your own life.
  • Homework. Each week you’ll be set exercises to go and do in order to improve your skills. This may include scheduling a date, reading a book, altering your online dating profile etc.
  • Mock date. A service can be arranged where a mock date is arranged between you and a woman, in order to help me assess your strengths and weaknesses. It’s always a good idea to get female feedback, which I’ll review to tailor the mentoring program to you.
  • Date assistance. If appropriate, it may be possible to listen in on a real date you go on with a women in order to provide you with feedback during and after.