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Does Dating Advice Promote Manipulation of Women by Men?

The majority of articles I write focus on the first few weeks of dating and the lead up to first sex.

I don’t do this because I want to teach men how to sleep with as many women as possible, to ‘trick’ women into bed, or because sex is the most important part of a relationship.

Quite the contrary.

My philosophy is about teaching men to build MEANINGFUL relationships (whatever type of relationship that may be) with women where both parties respect, trust and care for each other.

I concentrate on the initial interactions because it is the most challenging phase for men, and where they make costly mistakes. Making mistakes means the guy gets rejected before he ever has the chance to build any form of connection.

Lack of attraction

Growing up I was able to strike up and keep a conversation going with girls. I was polite, friendly and safe. They would often like me enough to hang out, invite me to parties and join their social circles.

But no matter how attracted I was to them, they would either never be attracted to me because I wasn’t demonstrating my masculine traits, or I wouldn’t know how to progress it into something more, for fear of being seen as crude, disrespectful, or an asshole.

As a result there was no attraction or it fizzled out quickly. And without attraction there’s no first date. And no first date means no dating. And no dating means no chance to spend time together creating a deep, intimate, loving relationship.

I was shooting myself in the foot from the very beginning.

Giving nice guys the opportunity to shine

I trust the men who read these articles to be in a similar situation.

Kind, caring, decent individuals who have much to offer and would treat a woman exceptionally well in a relationship but are simply never given the chance to get into one.

And that’s why I concentrate on the early phase of dating and the lead up to sex. A guy MUST make a woman attracted to him from the start or there is no hope for him. Fail to generate attraction within two dates and you are unlikely to be given another chance.

I’m taking the guys who are too sensitive for their own good, toughening them up, and making them into well-rounded individuals who are not afraid to express themselves.

My articles are designed to help men come out of their shell around women, and to teach them to be the confident, sexy, desirable men women crave.

I want to give them the chance to go on to build strong, deep, respectful relationships with the women, rather than be relegated to the bargain bin where their caring, kind personality traits are wasted.

Wouldn’t women rather go out with one of those guys, than being left high and dry by a man who has grown up being successful with women all his life, and as a result is so used to having them around he doesn’t treat them well?

Teaching men techniques to ask a woman out or giving them advice on what to do on a first date is no more manipulative than women putting on make-up. They are both designed to increase attractiveness. Whether they want to use it for good or evil, is down to them as individuals.

I hope you now see why so many of the articles concentrate on the first few weeks of dating rather than several months in.

Quality men who are successful in other areas of their lives already know what to do to be a great boyfriend, they just aren’t given the opportunity.

Once they’ve mastered the ability to make a woman want them sexually, they become the complete package.

The world needs more of these types of men.

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