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How to Create a Hotel Bed Experience in Your Own Home and Have More Sex

Have you ever walked into the bedroom of a five star hotel and instantly been drawn to the bed?

The kind of bed you want to rub your hands across and feel how silky and soft the sheets are. The kind of bed you want to jump in to in a heartbeat. The kind of bed you would fall asleep in five minutes flat if you were left alone. The kind of bed that conjures up images of high end luxury living and a lifestyle of wealth and success.

The more accurately you can recreate this feeling for the women you are dating, the more likely they are to want to return time and again, resulting in more and better sex for you.

A good looking bedroom, and in particular a sumptuous and comfortable bed with high quality bedding is a guilty pleasure, and something younger women (in the under 25 age group) may not have had the luxury of experiencing.


Women behind the curtain

Living Life Behind the Curtain

A woman recently told me she was withdrawing the ‘benefits’ from our friends with benefits arrangement because things were going well with a guy she’d met and wanted to settle down. She’d let me know if things didn’t work out between them.

“That’s absolutely fine”, I told her. “I hope it works for you”. We’d been happily sleeping together for a few weeks, despite her knowing I was seeing other women.

A week later, it’s mid-morning and I’m on WhatsApp chatting with another woman making final preparations for a threesome. I’ve only known her three weeks and slept with her twice, yet she’s willing and eager, just as I am. She too has recently found someone who she might make her boyfriend, but still wants one last sex-fest with me and another girl before she commits to him.


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How to Prepare for a First Date

You’ve matched with the most beautiful women you’ve ever seen via online dating, followed the online to offline sequence, won her over, and got her to agree to a first date. Only three hours remain until you meet and your heart is pounding like you’ve just tried Tabata training for the first time.

What now!?

I’m a very detailed orientated and systematic guy. I like a good checklist, and I like getting into a routine. Having a process to go through before you go on a date is a good idea to calm your nerves and ensure you are in a good frame of mind when you meet.

It needn’t be a complicated or fancy routine. You might even get it down to 10 minutes. But it IS important that you do follow the same process each and every time in order to maximise your chances of success with the girl.


sexy girls in car

Why Hesitating With Women Will Cost You

I’ve made so many mistakes with women I was attracted to in the past due to hesitation at key moments during an interaction.

On several occasions I’m convinced I would have ended up having sex that very day with them if I hadn’t screwed things up royally due to nice guy mentality and fear.

You might find yourself hesitating when you:

  • see a girl you like and want to go and talk to her
  • you haven’t chosen a first date venue and can’t decide where to go
  • when you’ve been chatting to a friend of a friend at a party and want to go in for the kiss
  • want to ask a women you’ve been chatting to online on a date
  • when you think she’s in to you but you can’t be certain
  • when she’s definitely in to you but you don’t know what to do about it


Hand holding on first date

The Benefits of Being Sexual on a First Date

As part of my university degree I had to spend time in the chemistry lab. I didn’t particularly like chemistry, but luckily was assigned an attractive female lab partner who worked alongside me.

I wasn’t so shy that I didn’t know how to interact with women. In fact, I was almost too good at talking to them. I made several female friends over my time at university, and the majority of my friends now are women.

My lab partner was no exception. We regularly joked and laughed together whilst performing the experiments. Little did she know I wanted to perform some experiments with her in the bedroom!


first date champagne

Date Analysis: The Slow Mover

I was recently out in a South West London bar for a friend’s birthday. It was a compact venue, with approximately 10 small round tables, 5 on each side of the room, and leather seating running down both edges of the rectangular space.

When I arrived just before 7pm I immediately noticed it had a ‘date’ vibe. It was intimate, quiet and a little quirky. All good things for a first date. Three dates were already in progress, each couple talking to their respective partners. All three of the girls were good looking blondes. I took a seat on the leather sofa opposite the couples and started chatting to my friend.


non-monogamous dating

Dealing with Nice Guy Mental Conflicts When Dating Multiple Women

I started dating in my mid twenties, having struggled to get anyone to go on a date with me for the previous 8 years. I didn’t know how to make women attracted to me when I was in a bar or club, so was ecstatic when online dating websites appeared in the mid 2000s.

But back then I was so wrapped up with my own mental conflicts about relationships and women that I ended up ruining my chances of success often. And even when I did get a girlfriend, something didn’t feel quite right.


first date sex

How to Act Post First Sex

You’re lying in bed panting, having just had hard, passionate, orgasmic sex for the first time with a new, beautiful women. She’s next to you, on her back, catching her breath, eyes closed in bliss.

You look over at her naked body and know you want to see her again another night. It’s time to engage in your best post-coitus etiquette to ensure the highest probabilities of it happening.

Treating her respectfully post-sex (even if you called her the dirtiest names and did the most disgusting things to her during the act) is essential to ensuring she will return for more skin-on-skin action.


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How to Transition From Online Chat to a First Date

Back in 2007 I had my first experience of online dating. I signed up to Match, Plenty Of Fish and eHarmony. Tinder, Happn and these other fancy apps hadn’t been invented.

In fact, apps weren’t even around then!

After completing my profile I sat back and waited for the messages to come pouring in.

They didn’t. Not a single message.

I’m not the best looking guy, but I can scrub up, my profile had a couple of nice photos, highlighted my good qualities, and was free from spelling mistakes.

But still nothing.