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Reduce negative emotions in 5 minutes

5 Minute Guided Visualisation to Reduce Negative Emotions

In this video I guide your through an exercise designed to alleviate some or all of your nervousness and negative feelings triggered by uncertainty.

It’s partly hypnosis, partly meditation, and partly visualisation. To get the most from the video you should be sitting comfortably with your eyes closed.

The decentralisation exercise summary

The exercise starts at the 2 minute mark.

  • Imagine a situation which brings up negative emotions for you
  • Rate how powerful those emotions are on a scale of 1-10, 10 being unbearable, 1 being not a problem. Pick a situation that puts you in the 7-10 range.
  • Close your eyes and take 3 deep breaths
  • Imagine viewing yourself from above. Slowly float up until you are seeing your entire town, city, or even country.
  • Imagine all the other people who experience the same negative emotions when faced with the same situation you are as lights on the map. You are not alone.
  • Draw a light between your head and each of them.
  • Imagine sharing your emotions with them, unburdening yourself.
  • Imagine all the people who have been through the situation you are struggling with, and how they came through it and are still alive.
  • Let their lights fade out, and slowly zoom back down into your head.
  • Re-imagine the scenario. Has your negative emotion gauge decreased knowing that other people are dealing with it too?
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